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Rosanna Gaddoni was born in 1972 in Forli’, Italy. She was raised in a small village called Filetto, closed to Ravenna, and since about 10 years ago, she has been travelling and living in different countries and continents. She is currently based in Helmond in the Netherlands.

Rosanna is a contemporary painter and drawer. After having deepened her artistic studies at the Teekenschool and the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam, she started her path as a professional artist. 

Having seen and experienced so much about the human condition during her travels and in her life, her art is about emotions, vulnerability and humanity and every aspect of the visual expression, which involves images, colors and conveys emotions, is attractive and compelling to her.

Abstract is for her a natural language, and more than words it can reveal and shape her thoughts, feelings and intentions. In the abstraction, the vibrations of colors are tuned to a deeper level in connection to her inner emotions and to the viewer’s ones.

Another medium that Rosanna explores to connect to humanity is drawing, specifically portraits, with different techniques like charcoal, willow charcoal or pencil. Rosanna uses these mediums to create an instant memory: like an old picture, colors fade and the image just keeps the essential. Her portraits are realistic with a personal, investigating glance and touch on the subject.

For inquiries and commissions, please write an email to:


Rosanna posts daily on Instagram: @rosannagaddoni 


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4 thoughts on “About & Contact

  1. @idorig123456, very nice work and it is amazing the combination of different technics of the drawing art.
    Congratulations, Gilberto

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