Rosanna Gaddoni ~ FINE AЯTS

I am an Italian visual artist based in the Netherlands. I paint and draw to explore the imponderable inner mystery of the human condition.

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About my art:

Right now, while you are reading, an unknown force inside you is feeding your body without your conscious perception or possible control. This force is made of the same substance of your core, of the original form that your face had in the primordial clot of cells that you were, and that is making your unique plant bloom in this moment.

We have all experienced this mystery of the human condition, which makes us vulnerable and invincible, ephemeral and immortal, at the same time. It is this mystery that I want to approach. And respect, because Psyche could not see Eros without losing him forever.

It is this inner journey that I would like to manifest in my art.

Rosanna Gaddoni

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“Art is a genuine manifestation of our inner life”
Ernst Cassirer

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