Drawing a live model

By accident I found a place in Eindhoven where you can go for a couple of hours and draw or paint a live model. I find it a valuable opportunity because I am always too embarrassed to ask somebody to pose for me. It took me quite some struggling to decide to go as I usually don’t like to have people around when I am drawing and so I arrived early and chose the most hidden and remote corner, like it was a safe cave for my art experiments. Slowly the habitués arrived in dribs and drabs: everybody had its own materials and mediums and took their positions. Also the model arrived, an about-forty-year lady, who naturally and suddenly undressed and started with specific poses of 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes and increasing. I glanced for a while my mates of the evening, being very conscious not to encounter anybody’s glance in return. And then I started to draw.

The ryhtym of the poses carried me away for a while, to the no-land land where my spirit freely wanders and my mind quietly rests.


All images © 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved


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