Question for my father

Photo 08-02-2018, 16 32 51

How were you as a child?

Were you shy and silent as I have known you? Were you a solitary child like I used to be?

I carry your kindness and softness in my pockets. I wonder how you could cherish your gentle soul being a child in the 40s, in a land of ruins and misery.

Tonight I look again at your sweet eyes, your shy smile and I think of you and of your miracle. What a wizard you have been, shaping your silences with patience, turning into stories and crystalline laughters all the thoughts that you secretly kept.

‘till next time, Dad.


Portrait: Luigi Gaddoni

Willow Charcoal on paper 24 x 32 cm


All images © 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved


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