To be you

`Sometimes I wonder what it is to be you´. I read it on a led display at the train station.

Indeed, that´s what I do, more often than just `sometimes´.

It is like sitting at the theater and looking at the world on a stage: the people around me walk, talk, they move their hands, they stand still. The people around me live, laugh, they all seem they know where they are going to.

I would like to know where they live, the colours of their houses, their stories. They might have a family, somebody they think of. They might have had problems, and struggles, but they all look safe to me. They know.

I would like to know more of their lives to compare to mine and find common traits.

There is, among all the people around me, someone that I don’t look at but I feel. It is when I see somebody who had been crushed by life and pain. Those whose sensitivity or difficulties are trying to bend, and almost achieved it.

I wonder if they also look at the world like I do. If they sit on the bench at the station and look around. Or just gave up, because it is too painful.

They are a worldwide brotherhood of invisible humans, who are not on the stage. They sit with me and talk to me, without words.




Ink on paper 13,5 x 21 cm

All images © 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved



























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