Escaping Time

One of the reasons I often walk alone in museums is that it is the easiest way to escape the time dimension, that we commonly know. I don’t need to do much to get this result: I just walk, allow my eyes to be captured and follow them.

I am sure everybody has the chance to get the same feeling. I think how many times a song was tuned on the radio, and it moved me to a different level. When it was finished an hour or a minute could have passed, I don’t exactly know.

Experiencing this feeling of time dilation is simply addictive.

Last Friday I have been to a photography museum in Amsterdam. I don’t even need to know who is exposing in a museum: I go and it happens again.

In one of the rooms, I immediately noticed Troy who holds a Guinea Fowl Chick in a jail in New York. I remember his name, which was on the written description of this photo. It also said that in the same complex, riots and fights happen every day.

I am not sure how long I have been staring at this picture. I immediately jumped back to my childhood and to the feeling of surprise when, as a little child, I found something new in the courtyard: a new flower, plant or little animal. That idyllic image of myself collided with the condition of a prisoner I had in front of me, until this mismatching disappeared. I thought that Troy was looking fixedly at the little chick and he was mesmerized exactly like me, as I was in the same wonder looking at him. We were in the same dimension, caressing the same planet.

Troy (Lucas Foglia photographer "Human nature" exhibition)

Another picture dragged me, or actually, a little green detail captivated my sight.

I did not read the description of this photo, I just liked to think this plant was bravely fighting for a drop of light and I thought: I like this story.

(Lucas Foglia photographer - "Human Nature" exhibition)

And as a karmic counterbalance to this bold challenge of nature I glanced at something that forced me to an acrobatic jump into myself.

(Lucas Foglia photographer - "Human Nature" exhibition)

I immediately focused on a detail of it, because I love details. I thought I had seen this picture before, in my mind. It was the image of sufferance and struggling with no hope: being vulnerable and exhausted, like a plant in the desert which eventually gives up.

I sketched something similar on a little booklet some time ago and, despite what had pushed me drawing it, I felt thrilled to have visually encountered the same concept, with a different medium. Another match on to the no-time planet.



I don’t know how long I have been walking on Friday afternoon, together with those images and others, stretching the boundaries of time.

Maybe an hour, maybe two, maybe twenty minutes. I don’t know.


© 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni



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