`I do not believe in accidents. There are only encounters in history. There are no accidents´

Pablo Picasso

And I agree.

If I look at my past life, my memories are like candles flames, some burn harder and brighter. Something was happening there: a cosmic chain of events that always resulted in encountering someone, who I changed my life with. Good or bad, it is not so important now; from here, everything seems so unavoidable, just meant to be.

I heard that you realize you have changed when you don’t remember anymore why you have been in a way or another.

I am now like a huge construction site, where big trucks full of ‘why?’ are carried away, and new materials and plannings are brought in. I can observe the swarming of my thoughts: they are like industrious ants, running left and right, sometimes colliding, sometimes leaving the site and not coming back.

So happens in life. Some people leave you one day and that’s fine. Someone vanishes abruptly and you still can feel the trace of their scent. Someone arrives and stays aside like a spiteful shadow. And if you are in complete harmony with the universe or desperate enough, you allow one of those encounters to happen. Their flame shines more than others.

One day you hear you are good and you want to believe it.

And for a while you don’t know anymore why you never did before.






Oil-based charcoal pencil on paper

21×29,7 cm


All images © 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved



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