The importance of unfitting

‘We dedicate our life to elevate our name, a futile and sterile exercise that can make you lose sight of many beautiful things’ 

No surprise this has been told by a very successful Italian actor whose name is very well known. I want to believe that he really means what he expressed, nevertheless it seems he is still exercising in the wrong direction.

I want to give my nuance on this, thinking that he is giving voice to an inner need we have, which is to unfit.

We all talk about fitness as a concept of wellness and health but I think this is a misconception meaning. ‘Fitness’ is to me pretty much to be ‘suitable’ to be ‘proper’, to ‘fit a role’, to ‘fit a shape’.

Here we are, running behind more money, a more admirable title on the business card, a better glossy paper box with a big golden bow, where we can hide in our need of being socially accepted. Where is our energy flowing? There is nothing left to be creative, especially towards ourselves, our inner core.

Think about a beautiful sunny landscape in Tuscany with its powerful sky and the charming profile of its smooth hills. You can wander with your sight endlessly, just flying over the grass and wheat fields until your soul feels placid and your eyes satiated. The curve of your energy goes calmly flat.

What gives you emotion in this idyllic view? What thrills you up and makes you feel alive and happy? It’s a bunch of lonely trees that interrupts the expected view. It’s their black shadows and apparent nonsense in the positive flatness which cuts the redundancy and which remarkably unfits. Your eye feels the contrast and enjoys the dynamics that it creates. Your energy is boosted! Only its bold unexpected figures gives the landscape a new meaning, it creates depth and visual surprise.

And so in life, we can be boldly ‘unfitting’, refusing to be ‘positivist’ at any cost and to fit socially accepted categories, allowing a sudden annoyance or inner protest to reveal our path.

A way to have something to say and to create, instead of being named and shaped by the whole around us.



Watercolour on paper

27,5 x 37,5 cm

All images © 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved


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