Revealing us

What is travelling and dreaming if not revealing consciousness inside of us?

It’s a magic moment when we feel the urge to shape in words our floating memories and thoughts.

I was travelling on a train between Aswan and Luxor last May, when the flow opened itself. Looking outside the window I was dazzled by light and beauty and I suddenly remembered the words that I had been thinking during a dream the previous night.

When I realized it, I quickly wrote them on the last page of a book, which I had been reading, to not lose them to oblivion. They are in black ink, close to an attempt to write my name in Arabic letters.

The English translation is below.


“Ho cercato la mia felicita’, a mio modo. 

Saltellando sul limite di pendii scivolosi, come da bambina giocavo sui vetri; e caddi.

Sono scappata dalle mie paure per ritrovarle in ogni luogo. E tornata troppo tardi, per non trovare piu’ niente per me, se non cenere.

Ho frantumato il mio cuore in mille pezzi per la fiamma di una candela. Sono andata a cercarne ogni pezzo, uno a uno, per inseguire un nuovo bagliore.

Ho cercato la mia felicita’, a mio modo.”


“I have been pursuing my happiness in my own terms. 

Jumping on the edge of slippery slopes, like as a child I was playing on glasses; and I fell.

I have been running away from my fears, to find them in every place. Turning back too late to find nothing left to me, but ashes.

I have shattered my heart into thousands pieces for a candle flame. Each single piece I have looked for, one by one, to chase a new glare. 

I have been pursuing my happiness, in my own terms.”


Terrace in Luxor

Terrace in Luxor

Watercolour on paper
21 x 29.7 cm

All images © 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved

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