Just be

I have been asked to participate to an exhibition in January 2019. The theme is “black and white”and I have been struggling a bit on what to present. Then after exploring many adventurous ideas, I thought I can very well talk about what I love to express, which is my interest in human being condition.

We think our lives are made of big decisions, big steps, events that marked a distance from what was before and what will be. But I think our lives are made of the single moments we dedicate to ourselves. Life is made of the small daily events, those details and decisions which make us carry an habit, as an old comfortable jacket. We don’t even realize we are taking sides, because we think the stakes are low, nobody is involved except that specific little moment when we take a path instead of another, ‘just for a few meters’ we think.

I rewound the tape of my years so many times, still it does not stop surprising me, when I find out that just living, just being, day by day, brought me as a dowry one of the millions possible lives that were available for me.

When you are doubtful on a big decision, when you don’t know what is the best thing to do, just live. Just Be.




“Look at me”, Charcoal @cretacolor on @Canson paper 1557, A4 format

Portrait study on amazing award winner picture by @gloriastaffa

November 2018

All images © 2012 2018 Rosanna Gaddoni
All rights reserved

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