Vulnerably strong

I love make children’s portraits because they represent a formidable example of the human essence.

Children are small, vulnerable, it’s so easy to heart a child. How amazing is that the immense vulnerability of children equals their strength! Their capability of adapting to whatever happens, just trying to look beyond is without parallel. What most moves me is that a child can give love so purely, to you, just how you are. It’s not a surprise that they do not care about the colour of the skin or the value of a dress. Just play with them, and you are a brother. Children are attracted to everything, they love the world and want to discover it, they love without asking, they just want to live and enjoy.

Sometimes I heard saying that children can be mean and I don’t agree with this. They are like petals of flowers, just a simple touch and your fingerprints will stay on them. And be sure, there is an adult’s “help” or example every time that a child does not surprise us in positive.

Lady Macbeth advised Macbeth in their plot against King Duncan: “Look like an innocent flower and be the serpent underneath it”. And this is how sometimes we think about people around us, even of children, and especially when our innocence has been offended. But actually, if I give myself the time and the space of accepting my core feelings, I like to be considered naïf  and keep on loving and looking for innocence.

Portrait study on picture by John Moulds. Charcoal on paper, 21,00 x 29,7 cm

All images © 2012 2019 Rosanna Gaddoni

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