Rosanna Gaddoni

Visual Artist

Rosanna Gaddoni is a contemporary painter and drawing artist. Born 1972, she was raised in a small village near Ravenna, in Italy, and since 2010, she has been traveling and living in different countries and continents. She is currently based in Helmond in the Netherlands.

Rosanna has been drawing and painting as self-taught since youth. After the orientation year at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Amsterdam and technique workshops at the Teekenschool in Amsterdam, she started her path as a professional artist. In 2020 she has completed her education as Instructor for Sumi-E Japanese brush painting.

Having seen and experienced so much about the human condition during her travels and in her life, her art is about exploring the mystery of existence and how the human being relates to it.
Humans are full of questions and doubts about their destiny and life, and tend naturally to a transcendent dimension, in order to get an answer. Rosanna’s art wants to be the boat that transports the human soul into the secret world of symbols and mysticism, as art is first of all symbolic and relates its meaning to the invisible world.

Rosanna works mainly with abstract painting and figurative drawing techniques.

She considers abstract as the essence of symbolic art and it is for her a natural language: more than words it can reveal and shape her intentions, for the achievement of objective art, a universal language that crosses everybody in the same way. She uses mostly acrylic paint with recurrent colors: acrylic is a very versatile medium and supports her urgency of expression. The colors are specifically chosen because of the heritage of the symbolic traditions of Eastern, Gnostic, and Sufi philosophy. In the abstraction, the vibrations of colors are tuned in a deeper level to awareness status: those vibrations speak a silent message, that only the unconscious can detect and that resonate in everyone with a common experience.

In front of the existentialist question stands the human being. Rosanna explores the human dimension with figurative drawing, using mainly the human face with portraits together with other symbolic images. She uses charcoal, willow charcoal, or graphite and her technique is aimed to create an instant memory: like an old picture, colors fade and the image just keeps the essential. The figurative medium speaks the language of mortals, as we all follow the laws of physics of this world. We are, first of all, our visible face and our recognizable expressions, which betray our essence on the visible extent. Rosanna wants to approach that essence and feel, express, and celebrate the human experience in front of the Existence mystery.

Rosanna’s artworks are part of private collections in various countries of Europe, the US, Canada, Turkey, Iran.



International Sumi-E Association Exhibition – Tokyo Japan

Coming: Solo Exhibition – Aarle-Rixtel Netherlands

“‘T HUIS VAN LIEFHEBBER” Collective exhibition in memory of Tinus Derks – Cacaofabriek Helmond The Netherlands

“INCONTRI” Collective exhibition – Terranuova Bracciolini Italy

International Sumi-E Exhibition – Tokyo Japan

“Per visibilia ad invisibilia” Collective at OnArt Gallery, Florence

“She is art” Collective at Roccartgallery, Florence

“Tra figurativo e informale” Collective at Galleria Merlino, Florence

“Bianco & Nero” Collective at Roccartgallery, Florence


Collective De Groene Panter, Helmond

Collective at the Gemeentehuis Deurne

Solo (portraits) at Kwebbeltje Helmond

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