Let’s get in touch!

Feel free to use the below form to send me a message, to ask information for a purchase or a commissioned, artwork for example. Some info for a commissioned portrait are also here explained in the slides on the right side.

Some artworks are offered through the gallery, or you can buy directly from me.

To send me a picture or attachments, you Can send an email at:

Atelier address:

Prins Karelstraat 98a

5701 VM Helmond

The Netherlands

Phone number:

+31 (0)6 380 627 58




10 thoughts on “Contact

  1. @idorig123456, very nice work and it is amazing the combination of different technics of the drawing art.
    Congratulations, Gilberto


  2. I’m a fan from the Philippines.Been following you on your instagram account and am always in awe of your works.
    Your talent is insanely great.Just hoping if you could do an artwork of my picture.Thanks much !Keep inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Rossana, very interesting your life and great to see the growth of a professional reaching her goals with dedication and effort. For me , it is so grateful to become one of your friends and one of your best alumni with your advises. Cheers Dear Rossana…!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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