My art is about humanity and vulnerability. I want to give shape and voice to damaged and “unfit” feelings which everybody experiences in life. The vulnerability is part of our human condition and it does not only bring suffering, it makes us open and receptive to the world, maybe less alone. 

Abstract is for me a language, and more than words it can reveal and shape my thoughts, feelings and intentions. In the abstraction, the vibrations of colors are tuned to a deeper level in connection to my inner emotions and to the viewer’s ones.

You can find here different series of works.

All images © 2012 2020 Rosanna Gaddoni
All rights reserved 


About the inner research in our unconsciousness, to bring light to the unknown and a connection to our inner core.


Declares the struggle of mankind on earth.


Investigates the most vulnerable moment of human beings, death, being also that moment in which human divinity reveals itself.

Some steps before the final artwork is done


All images © 2020 Rosanna Gaddoni

All rights reserved

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